Introduction: CHEAT at Poker!

This is an easy way to control what cards are dealt out to yourself and others. This method does not use any complicated procedures like deck switching or palming. If you can count, you can stack a poker deck.

Step 1: Texas Holdem Overview

In a typical game of texas holdem, players are each dealt two cards face down followed by the flop (3 community cards), a turn (the fourth community card), and the river (the last community card).

Step 2: Stacking the Deck

When playing in a home game, players will take turns dealing. When it is your turn to deal, this is when you will take advantage of this easy method. Basically, you just collect the cards so you are dealt the hand you want.

Think of it this way, as the dealer, you are the last to get cards. If you were playing in a game with 4 people, then the 4th and 8th card from the top of the deck would be the cards you are dealt.

Now it just becomes a simple puzzle. Look at the cards on the table, and collect them so the desired card will be that number from the top.

In the example below, we will go for the aces. If you click through the pictures, you can see me pick up the back two cards and place them with the front two. This ensures that the ace of clubs is the 4th card from the top. I go to the other side and you can see the same, three cards, then the ace of diamonds as the fourth.

Collect these cards with the community cards and the discard pile, then place them back on the deck.

If this is hard to follow with text and the pictures, you can watch the video below

Step 3: A False Shuffle

These are more easily shown than described. If you didn't watch the main video, i'd suggest doing so. You can also see a video on false shuffles here.

The easiest false shuffle you can perform is a derivation of the stand riffle shuffle. You know, where split the deck in half and then riffle the cards together? However, in this version, use only a quarter of the cards from the bottom. This way, when you riffle them together, you will ensure that you finisht he short stack before interfering with your top stack.

Step 4: You're Done, Now Win!

That's it, just deal the cards out now. Since you are the 4th person to get a card each time the deal goes around, you will end up with both aces!

Now did you ever think that stacking a deck of cards would be so easy?

If you're worried, as a tip, in your home games, always have someone cut the deck with a joker to prevent a top stack as well as bottome dealing.