CLAS: Holiday Ugly Sweater

Introduction: CLAS: Holiday Ugly Sweater

How to make an Ugly Sweater

Brainstorm ideas, generate theme, and draw design

Gather supplies: Sweater, felt, sharpies, scissors, paper clips, old ornaments, old tinsel.

Step 1:

Use sharpies to draw designs on felt, cut the designs out, and organize design.

Step 2:

Staple tinsel onto sleeves in wrapped manner. Leave chosen length hanging for effect.

Step 3:

Use paperclips as hangers for the ornaments as they can hang off of sweater without being bumped off.

Step 4:

Place cut designs and hot glue onto sweater.

Step 5:

Hold sweater up to be sure that design looks the way you want, put sweater on, and share your lovely ugly sweater with the world!

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    2 years ago

    This came out great! I love the sleeves!