Hi all,

This a small lamp made out of coconut shell.

This is just a basic one. You could get a lot more creative.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

A vice to hold the shell

Hawk saw blades

Sand Papers



Two coconut shells

Battery holder

A small switch

Goose neck cable( I used one from a discarded headphone )

Step 2: Clean the Shells

Scrap the coconut shells thoroughly using the knife or the sand paper.

The Shells should be large enough to hold two AA batteries

Step 3: Cut the Shells

Since the shells are not even use the hawk-saw to cut them evenly

Step 4: Connect the Wires

Solder wire to the switch and battery holder

Its a simple connection. Connect two wires on the positive and negative terminal of the battery. connect the switch in in series with one of the wires. Connect the light wire to battery and switch.

Step 5: Circuit Board Cutting and Assembly

Cut the circular circuit board.

Step 6: Solder the LED's

Solder 6 LED’s to the circuit board. I have connected

them in parallel.

Step 7: ​Attach the Batteries and Switch

Attach the batteries in one of the shells. Preferably the

larger one. Since the Switch I have used is a square one, I made a perforation in the shell with a file. Suit your need

Step 8: Putting Everything Together

Attach one end of the goose neck cable to the base which consists of the battery and switch and other end to the shell for the light. Glue everything and its ready to be used.

One more thing I added was a USB female pin and connected it to the battery holder so that I can use Rechargeable battery and use a USB charger to charge it without having to remove the battery.