Introduction: COVID Flyer

To create this magnificent plane u will need to gather materials.



something to balance weight


rubber band

super glue

and some cutting utensil

Step 1: Draw Your Templete

Draw your plane onto the cardboard, making sure to allow for minor mishaps.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Drawn Template

Grab a box cutter, or scissors -- safer --, and trim out your pieces.

I recommend cutting extra because you can always trim it down.

Step 3: Piece the Plane Together

Using your incisions made on the body of the plane. Slide the wings threw. The friction should hold them; however, you can use glue to help support it.

I had to add bracing to mine. You may not have too.

Step 4: Add the Propeller

add the propeller to the front of the plane and then find something to balance the weight from the front to the back.

Let her fly

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