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This is the finished image of many layers of jpeg. files along with altered density and artistic placement and digital cut outs. The project was created completely in Serif PhotoPlus. Though this is not a quick project it a fantastic was to showcase and hone your Artistic Abilities.


This is a Very Proud accomplishment for me and certainly one of my favorites. It has been a huge hit in my shop. This is done in several layers and I personally like to use Serif PhotoPlus it is by far may favorite program, but there are many photo altering and enhancement programs out there.

This piece of art was created from many different jpeg. files and all had to be cut out digitally, which requires a steady hand and an artistic eye. So please take you time, so that the finished product is perfect.

#1. I began with the flag and chose about 80% opacity for it.

#2. This layer was the constitution, which I chose to place on just one side at about 50% opacity.

#3. Now comes the Eagle, which I chose 100% opacity, plus I even enhanced the quality. Which you will notice the first 3 steps completed in the first photo.

#4. This is a very important layer, the soldier, and it is placed on one side opposite the eagle. See the second photo to see photo after cut out, reduction of opacity and before being flipped in the direction I felt was correct. Also, keep in mind how much you choose to cut it out, should create the image as it should appear most artistically.

#5. Now are the discreet combat boots, cut out and placed at about 65% opacity, small and near the soldier. In the third photo you will see the boots after cutting out, yet before the opacity reduction, and before flipping the direction I saw as best..

#6. Then comes the final but still important layer, the wording. Choose your words carefully to make an important statement. Also, I chose to use a font that had a weather beaten look, yet be bold and strong. I then chose to reduce it's opacity to about 80%, making it appear to blend in with the whole setting.

I have given you basic instructions and the name of my favorite program. Keep in mind that the opacity may vary from photo to photo and program to program, use and trust your artistic eye. One of my favorite things about Serif PhotoPlus is that I could go back at any time and change or move any layer as I needed to. It does not become permanent until you hit save. This is not a quick project and certainly takes the hands and eyes of an artist. But, I will say that if you have newly begun to test your artistic limits, this will be a great training tool. You will refine your skills tremendously.

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