Introduction: Cabana Maxi Dress

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There is something so classic about a fun maxi dress for the summer. I made this halter dress using 3 different fabrics:
1/4 yd of pink
3/4 yd of orange
2 yards print (approximately 2)

Step 1: The Skirt

1. Measure your hips and add 4”. Cut a rectangle out to the measurement by the width of your fabric.
2. Sew down the length of the skirt (on the non-hip measurement side).

Step 2: Waist Band

3. For the waistband: Measure your ribs, subtract 2”. Cut 2 rectangles to this measurement by 2.5”. Cut a piece of 1.5” elastic to that length as well.

4. For each rectangle, sew the ends together so you create 2 loops. Also, sew the ends of the elastic together

5. Pin together the skirt to on of the waistband pieces, right sides together. Ruffle in the excess skirt material as you go. Then on the inside of the skirt, pin the other waistband so the right-side faces the backside of the skirt fabric.

6. Sew together using either a lightning bolt stitch or zigzag. This will allow the seam to stretch when you wear it. Set aside

Step 3: The Top

7. Cut 2 rectangles 11” wide by the width of the fabric.

8. Sew together along 1 edge. Turn right side out.

Step 4: Wrap, Pin, and Finish

9. So this is the tricky part. I pined the top to the skirt in the back, then I put it on (yes with pins in it). I then wrapped to top around, pinned the top to the bottom under my arm pit. Then I took the upper seam and pinned it to the waist band under the opposite breast.

10. Then I took it off, ruffled in the excess top fabric and trimmed the excess.

11. Take the elastic piece and pin on the inside of the waistband.

12. Now sew the top to the waistband (keeping the elastic inside the 2 waistband pieces).

13. Cut 2 strips 3” wide. Sew together creating a tube. Turn right-side out and press.

14. Put the dress back on, pin the straps in place. Then I hand sewed them on.

15. Hem and done!

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