Introduction: Cabinet Corset/bow

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I recently got interested in "corset piercing" where they put rings in and out of the skin and put lace or ribbon through and tie it in a bow, because I'm a guy and don't think it would suit me I startedto think up what I could do to get the same thing but with out it looking strange, I painted my cabinet not so long ago and decided to do it on that since the original plan of painting the high parts black wasn't possible because I'd run out of paint and time.
long story short it looks cool.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:
D rings small (depending on the lace or ribbon) also (how many depends on amount of crosses I did 4 each side so needed 20 and it cost £5)
Lace or ribbon (not sure on how much but I got 4m for around £1.20 and have lodes left)
paper for measuring
pencil and eraser
glue I used super glue because it's what I had a hot glue gun might work better I'm not sure

and that's it, you're best buying the D rings, glue and lace or ribbon after measuring and designing

Step 2: Measuring and Pattern

Measure the part you want to lace using paper you can do this many ways pencil along the edge, using a ruler, scraping something down the side ext.
Cut out the templates and try out different spacings and crosses also different patterns
I went for the first one because they where closer and I was happy with it
this will also show how many D rings you need
nexed buy your materials if you haven't

Step 3: Marking Out

Mark from the bottom and top where you want your pattern and draw where the individual D rings need to be and face mine where straight lines and I folded paper for spacing in the middle then half of that
you could also use a ruler

Step 4: Glueing

Put glue on the D ring brackets and place them
Be careful useing glue don't hurt yourself or damage anything
Once it's dryed solid erase the pencil lines

Step 5: Threading

Thread your pattern so you have the same amount left over at each side or you can leave it all in a big strip and trim it to save wastage.

Then what I found the hard but making a bow there are a fue ways of doing this and it's probably easier than I found it but I used a youtube tutorial to help.

After this your done. Enjoy.