Introduction: Caja De Maquillaje Azul

I will show you how to make a makeup drawer with a touch of luminous nature.

Step 1: Join Boxes

In both medium cardboard boxes, cut 1 square on one side of the box

Step 2: Build the Drawers

Build 2 small boxes which can be inserted in the openings previously opened

Step 3: Lining the Drawers

Line boxes with cardboard inside and outside

Step 4: Water Style Decoration

Decorate the box with blue paints and blend the tones with a sponge

Step 5: Motivational Pattern

Draw the phrase with a black marker on different materials such as the fabric and the gold cardboard button

Step 6: Design of the Drawers

Decorate the boxes with blue paper in this case 2 circles, 1 butterfly and a stick to open the drawer once it is inserted in the box

I also add small details such as golden butterflies

Step 7: Gel Pond With Light

Create a small pond with recyclable materials such as LEDs cables and flowers made with cloth from a CD sleeve

Also cover the box with contact paper to prevent it from getting wet when you insert the baby diaper gel.

PS: I'm sorry for my English I'm a Latina girl

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