Introduction: Cajon (Ka-Hone)

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My son-in-law Ken, wanted to make a Cajon for his nephew. It's basically a wooden box that you can use as a drum, It has a sound hole in the back, a snare inside and is easy to use. Ken did the majority of the work, I helped a bit with the cutting and my daughter Jenni, did the artistry and took most of the pictures.

Here is a link to Wikipedia that explains what a Cajon is:


3/8 inch plywood, saw, wood glue, Dremmel tool with wood cutting bit, powered pad sander, snare can be found on Amazon, screws, sand paper, wood stain, safety glasses, 4 rubber self adhesive feet, a piece of 1 x 1 inch stock, wooden drawer pull and a plastic handle for Snare adjuster.

Step 1: Construction

Sorry but we didn't get pictures of the first part of the construction. It's basically a 18 x 10 x 8 inch wooden box that is glued and screwed together.

My daughter drew the letter G on the back of the box, this is the sound hole, letter G for their nephew's name Gideon.

I cut the G out with a Dremmel tool.

The piece of 1 x 1 stock was cut to just fit inside the box and it was located a couple of inches from the top. It was attached on one side with the wooden drawer pull and on the other side with a bolt and plastic handle.

One end of the snare is attached to this piece of wood. The other end to the inside of the box (front).

Step 2: Finishing

Ken finishing up the box. Then he sanded and stained it. The four rubber feet where then stuck on.

Step 3: Front of the Cajon

Jenni used masking tape on the front, freehand drew a cross and the cut it out with a craft knife. The wood looks pink since it was shot inside and the flash didn't fire.

Then she filled it in with gold/bronze paint. Pictured is Jenni carefully removing some of the paint that went under the masking tape.

The front was fastened to the box and a coat of Varathane was put on the Cajon.

Step 4: Finished Cajon

Front and back pictured and one of Ken trying it out.

His nephew Gideon loves it and plays it, on Sundays at his church.

I'll add his picture once I can get a release.

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