Introduction: Calculator Customization

let your imagination run wild wile you work on your calculator design since it's personal make it all yours.


calculator (your choice)

pencil (to draw sketches)

permanent marker (to trace)

paint (colours of your choice)

paintbrush (thin)

hairspray (so the paint stays on longer)

Step 1: Sketch

you should sketch your design on your calculator with pencil to see if you like it.

think about a theme/design that you would like to make. sketch your design until you like it.

if you don't like your design then you can always erase it but make sure to wash off the rubber marks.

Step 2: Trace

trace your pencil markings with a marker. it cannot be a water resistant marker. make sure that you use a good marker and that your lines are visible. if you miss a line that's okay you can just wash it off.

Step 3: Start Painting

paint the insides of your sketch however you want. use the colours of your choosing. you can make it all yours. some ideas are maybe gradients, mixed colours and maybe even neon colours.

Step 4: Drying and Spraying

let your paint dry. make sure that the paint is fully dried before you apply the hairspray. the hairspray is not needed but it just makes sure that the paint stays on longer.

Step 5: Do Your Math Homework

enjoy your customised calculator and do your math. you can use these techniques to also customise other products but we just choose a calculator.