Introduction: Caldera Virtual City Tour

About: Hi. I'm Karen. I'm teaching English to teenagers in a high school in Caldera, third region of Atacama, Chile. My hobbies are spending my time at the beach, reading something interesting or playing pokemon go.

I'm teaching English to TP students of 3rd and 4th grades who choose between three technical areas aquaculture, tourist services and food processing. Even though I have the possibility to prepare a city tour with them, sometimes we face problems with transportation or the time students spend outside the school.

My project is focused on the tourist services major and the aim is learners will prepare a virtual route to guide a group of tourists in reality later. This virtual city tour is easy to use and includes a variety of city attractions just to name a few.


Makey Makey

Scratch MIT

Paper fasteners



glue stick

printed images

red wiring

Step 1: Preparing the Map

1. Print a map of Caldera and stick it on a cardboard.

2. Use red wiring that represents the virtual route.

3. Use some paper fasteners to mark the city attractions on the map.

Step 2: Preparing the Route

1. Print some images related to tourist attractions in Caldera.

2. Recycle an old toy car to use it as a sightseeing bus. (This will be the earth once we program scratch and makey makey)

Step 3: Preparing the Tour Guide Speech

1. Connect an alligator clip from the Makey Makey to the sightseeing bus and program something in SCRATCH MIT to test it.

2. Research six tourist attractions and use a text to voice platform to record the tour guide's voice.

3. Use SCRATCH MIT to program each 'stop' in the route, the arrows have to correspond to a different city attraction.

Step 4: Testing Your Virtual City Tour

1. Connect the alligator clips from the Makey Makey to each corresponding paper fasteners (city attractions)

2. Use the sightseeing bus (the earth) and move it through the route.

3. Press a paper fastener and the tour guide (recordings) will start with the city tour.

4. Continue moving the sightseeing bus to the others stop until the end of the tour.