Introduction: Calming Glitter Jar

WARNING: possibility of making messes make sure you have a good work area.
Make sure to read all instructions.
May also be used for different things as well such as decorations, calming/relaxation, and a time out timer for children.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

1. Water bottle or jar
2. Jug of warm water
3. Glitter glue 60mL
4. 3 drops of gel food coloring
5. Half of a container of glitter

Step 2: Pour Warm Water

Add warm water until it reaches a third of the way up.

Step 3: Add Glitter Glue

Add 60mL (2/3) of the glitter glue.

Step 4: Mix Contents Together

Stir the glitter glue and warm water together until it is fully combined

Step 5: Add Food Coloring

Add 3 drops of gel food coloring. You can use more or less drops depending on how light or dark you want it to be.

Step 6: Mix Contents Together

Stir until the food coloring is mixed in well with the glitter glue and water.

Step 7: Pour in Glitter

Add half of the container of glitter into the jar.

Step 8: Mix Contents Together

Stir all items together until it is mixed well with existing mixture.

Step 9: Pour Warm Water

Top your jar or water bottle with the rest of the warm water. Leave some room at the top of container to allow the mixture to move.

Step 10: Place Lid on Top

Place lid on top and make sure it is on tight.

Step 11: Shake Container

Shake well and make sure nothing spills out.