Introduction: Camping Hand Wipes

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This is a large 200 sheet, strong hand wipe for Camping or what ever else you need. feel free to add your own essential oils or fragrances to doctor it up to your liking.

Step 1: The Pieces and Parts You Need.

a box of Scott "Rags in a box" 200 sheet they are about $13.00 at the hardware store

a 2 gallon bucket with lid, about $6.00 in the paint department of said hardware store

a 1" grommet of some sort (you don't need the grommet but i added one

8 cups of distilled water

a few drops of your favorite dish-washing liquid

1 cup rubbing alcohol

Step 2: The Cleaning Coctail

mix water, alcohol, and dish soap in a large bowl.

remove towels from box and stuff them into bucket, they will stick out above top about an inch but don't worry.

pour liquid into center of towels and on top of towels. now the towels can be pushed down into the buck below lid


carefully mark and cut out center of bucket lid with a carpet knife or drill it out if you have the tools to insert the

grommet if you chose to get one, or just cut a small hole to allow towels to pull out.

the towels come out of the inside of the roll so they will keep feeding as ling as you pull enough of it out to grab.

place first towel through grommet or hole and put lid on bucked. and wallah your heavy duty wipes.

we use them for everything from hand cleaning to washing dishes. enjoy

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