Introduction: GIANT SPIDER

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This is Hellga, the giant spider.  she is created with
wire mesh, about 2 rolls of the 24" stuff
wire, for putting her together
news paper
duct tape
flour (for paper mache)
black spray paint
a bag of black spider web material
some type of glue

Step 1: Wire Frame

i suggest you wear some gloves for this project unless you like to leak blood
take the wire mesh roll, unroll it and cut off  about 3'  so you have a 3' x 2' peice of wire mesh. fold it in half but don't make a crease so that you now have a piece that is 2' x 18"  kind of teardrop shape if you are looking at a side profile.

the inside of the bend is her back side, take a marker and trace out a spider abdomen and head area then add about 3" to your line all the way around and cut it out on the top and bottom side of your mesh, the extra 3" are to connect the top and bottom. 

bend the top 3" down and the bottom 3" up till they meet in the middle, use your wire to tie them together. hopefully you have a spider body, minus the legs

for the legs take the rest of the wire mesh roll and cut 4" strips the full 2' length, you will need 8 of these total
when they are all cut, bend about 1" of the long side all the way and do the same to the other side until the two sides meet, kind of a three sided tube like thing, and again use your wire to hold the two sides together.

after all 8 are done take one side of each leg and attach it to the body with your wire in a spider type fashion.

now you have a 3D flat spider looking wire body, if you now place your spider on a 5 gallon bucket you will be able to bend the legs to create joints, 

duct tape all of your seams to keep them from poking through the next step. i used calking where the legs met the body to give a more uniform look

Step 2: Time to Get Dirty

combine a couple cups of flour and water together in a bucket, for paper mache, rip about 2" strips of paper length wise, dip it in the water/flour mix (you should rip all the paper first because it gets hard to do with the stuff on your hands) lay the strops over the mesh and cover good, let dry, do the same with the other side ad the legs. make sure it dries completely before doing other areas or it just falls off. 

Step 3: Furry Fury

once she is dry, take your black spider web material and cut it into about 1" chunks. use your glue and glut her fur on the top and legs and top of head, once this dries give her a nice coat of black spray paint and you have everyone's nightmare ready to scare all those little trick-or- treaters  

Step 4: Hellga the Horrible

hang her from tour porch or a tree, use some white spider web material, get a bag of little spiders and add them to the web for a gory sight

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank god it's not REAL LOl

    you got my Vote!
    Halloween is about creativity and you got it!
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made mine out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this one! My wife showed it to me on Facebook, it's how I discovered instructables! I may need to build this one for next Halloween.

    Eye Poker
    Eye Poker

    9 years ago

    I am deeply disappointed that this instruct able did not involve genetic engineering, radiation or mad science in any way. I saw this and had plans of having my army of giant spiders taking over Wisconsin now I'll just have to scare the neighborhood children.

    This looks fun. Except you didn't specify what gloves. Cheap glove certainly won't be safe. I'll bring it to school and put it on the principal's minivan lol