Introduction: Baby Go Round

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baby go round, Halloween prop

what you will need:

wood, for the base and spinning platform i used some scrap i had it is 3' in diameter

a ceiling fan, they are cheep

3/4" pvc pipe and fittings

paint,screws,jig saw,

Step 1: Mounting the Fan

i took the base and connected the ceiling fan to it with some dry wall screws

Step 2: Cutting Out Spinning Platform

i cut out a 3' round piece of plywood and also cut a 7" hole in the center for the fan

Step 3: The Spinning Platform

set the top plywood over the fan, attach the blade hardware to the fan then mount the plywood to the bottom side of the blade holders

Step 4: The Frame for the Babies

i used a 3/4" pvc 3 way fitting fitting which is basically a 90 with a kick off on one side, build a square and then four corners go down to the platform, if you mark out where they sit and screw 4 pvc caps down to the platform then slide in the frame over the top

Step 5: Paint and Testing

you can paint if you choose, i did a memorizing spiral that looks awesome when spinning,

wire in a cord to the motor and add whatever you want to spin

here is the finished prop