Introduction: Camping With the Dogs Made Easier

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Do you love your dogs? Do you love camping? Have you found that tying a couple dogs up in small area causes you to leave the camping chair quite often and have to untie their leads? I have, it seemed like I was spending half my time around the fire having to unravel or untie their leads from each other. I also found that you can't always find a place to tie up 4 dogs at camp spots.
My remedy, a single tie point for 2 dogs and less tangling for them.. I hope this comes in handy for you

Step 1: The Problem

Tangled leads and dogs stuck together.. Really doesn't make them happy..

Step 2: The Parts

A 30 foot cable lead
2 cable clamps
1 opening chain link
1 Swiveling clamp
(Sorry, at the moment my brain isn't working and I cannot for life of me think of the actual names for these items)

Heavy duty wire cutters
Ratchet and socket, or wrench will work

Step 3: Put It All Together

I needed to shorten the cables for this trip so they couldn't both reach the whole 15ft so I cut the cable and removed about 5 feet from the center and reconnected.
Steps are basic
Find the center and bend the cable over at that point
Put the cable clamps over all cables and tighten
I put an opening chain link in case I ever wanted to change the swiveling end connector
and then tighten...

Step 4: Find a Place to Tie Them Off

There are many options on where to tie them
Picknick table
one of the screw in ground dog lead holders...

Step 5: Enjoy

This is the easy step...
a chair
a drink
a camera
a friend or many
a smores roasting stick

And just enjoy your camping trip

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