Introduction: Can Light

How many cans are consumed every second? The answer is 6,700 cans each second. As the main ingredient of cans, making Aluminium needs more energy. So, it is necessary to reuse cans. The best way to dispose of discarded cans is to recycle them. In addition to industrial recycling, today I will show you the recycling effect of a can, which may give you some inspiration for environmental protection.

This DIY is a simple example to make a can lamp.

Step 1: Materials

Any size of a can

Spray paint(choose any color you like)

Some papers (thick)


Can opener

Marker pen






Step 2: Remove the Top

  • Positioning the Can Opener
  • Bite into the rim of the can lid
  • Twist the handle
  • Lift the lid

Step 3: Make a Window

Draw a semicircle on the can with a marker and cut the semicircle with a scissor. At first, you need to poke a hole in the middle of the window using screwdrivers. Then, Cut a small hole and cut it outward along the center using a scissor. When cutting to the edge of the window, slow down your speed to make sure the edge along the lines we draw.

Step 4: Color

Coloring cans with spray paint (be careful! using spray paint rather than dyes) Dyes are difficult to color and the result is uneven coloring. After coloring, you need to prepare gloves and paperboard or newspaper to avoid spraying on hands and on the floor. Usually, paint three times and apart for five minutes.

Step 5: Design

You can use pencils to draw anything you like on paper. Then, cut the paper along your drawing. Paste the cut pattern on the can wall.

Step 6: Punching Along Your Drawing

Punching is the most difficult part of this project because can easily transform when we punch holes. To solve this problem, you can use a pin to make holes. Make sure punching along your drawing

Step 7: Add Candle and Light

Slip a small candle in, and light using a lighter. Have fun!