Introduction: Candle Decoration for X-Mas

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Christmas decorations can be so expensive! Today I'll show you how to make your own using things you probably already have at home.

Step 1: Materials

For candles:

Plastic cup for mold

Mango fork


Little pot

Red and brown crayons



Masking tape

For decoration:

Rectangular mirror

Red crystal beads

Two size of glass cups

String with red little balls (like mistletoes)

Fabric leaves

Step 2: Candle Mold

We're going to use a plastic cup for our mold. Heat up the tip of the mango fork and make a little hole in the center of the cup base.

Introduce the candlewick through the hole and put masking tape to hold it in place.

Step 3: Paraffin

Place the paraffin in the pot and heat it up. Put 3 pieces of red crayon for one brown or until you get the desired shade. Melt it perfectly.

*You can add some scent to this paraffin, cinnamon apple goes great for X-Mas.

Step 4: Make Your Candles

Pour the paraffin in the mold, I made my candles 2 inches tall. Hold the candlewick in the center using your mango fork and masking tape. Take it to the fridge for an hour or two and unmold it. Cut the candlewick from the bottom and it's ready to be used!

Step 5: Decorate Cups

Cut some of your mistletoe string to fit the inside of the cups. Add a couple leaves to give it more color.

Step 6: Put Everything Together!

Place the mirror in a table, your cups upside down and one candle on each. Put another candle in the front and put crystal beads all around.

Doesn't it look adorable?

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