Candle Holder From Antique Crystal Glasses

Introduction: Candle Holder From Antique Crystal Glasses

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Materials :
1 * glass
1 * brass reduction 3/4"-1/2"

Tools : none

Other :
* Contact glue - eg. Bison or Pattex
* (optional) spray-can - silver

Tips :
* old or antique crystal glasses can easily be found on flee-markets
* the brass reduction parts can easily be found in sanitary shops or DIY markets

Step 1: Paint the Brass Part With a Spray Can

Tip : elevate the part onto (eg) a box, so you can paint it while keeping the spray-can upright.

Step 2: Glue Brass Ring Onto Glass

Use transparent contact glue :

apply glue onto the metal part,
join the part and the glass,
remove them,
apply extra glue on both sides,
let dry for 10..20 minutes
join parts.

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    Wow what a really smart idea by using only simple and easy to get materials. I think this idea is perfect to replace my old silver candelabra that have been sitting on the table for quite sometime now. It is time to revamp the area to prepare for the festive period.