Introduction: Rainbow Crayon Candle

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Almost everyone has old crayons lying around their house. Why not put them to the test on your next date night or power outage? These candles can be made with crayons and other common household materials. In other words let's begin!

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

This project is so simple that a first grader can make this. For this project you will need crayons, white or clear candle wax (you can also use soap base or EOS, but if you use EOS don't add in the essential oil because it already has a scent), essential oil, a clothes pin, something to melt the crayons, a mold, and string.

Step 2: Molds

Now you can use any mold you want. I'm talking about literally shapes of robots or horses, you get the point. I choose to use this square mold because it was the first thing I found. I reccomend silicone molds because it comes out eaiser.

Step 3: Creating the Different Sections of Color

Be warned that crayon dosn't come of alot of things, so make sure you something you don't mind ruining or something crayon comes off. The first color you need to melt is the red, but you'll need to do this for all of the colors of the rainbow. When melting the crayon you need to add your wax or EOS to the melting destination of choice. Now if you are using candle wax and NOT EOS you can add in your fregrance of choice.

Step 4: The Melting Process

Ok so this step is super satisfying. You can melt it how ever you would like, but I used a double broiler so I could watch. For every crayon you need to melt the candle wax and fregrance with it, or you can just melt the EOS with the crayon, the choice is yours.

Step 5:

For this step pour your red base into the mold. After the red base has cooled, make sure you securely place the string in the close pin and put it on top. Make sure you let the red harden before adding the string and close pin because if you do you might burn whatevers underneath the candle due to the string being on fire. You basicly want to layer each color one by one waiting untill the previous color dries before adding in the next.

I hope you enjoy this project on how to make a rainbow crayon candle.

Step 6: This Is NOT a Step Just Pictures

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