Introduction: Candy Box Made of Souvenir Maps

I brought back a bag of chocolate Mozart Kugel from a Viking river cruise to give to my family. They were just loose in a bag and I wanted to make a better presentation. I made boxes out of the souvenir maps that we got at every city.

Step 1:

Cut your paper square. I used a papercutter, and made one piece 7" by 7", and one piece 6 3/4" by 6 3/4". The larger is for the top.

Step 2: Begin Folding

Fold paper in half to make a triangle and crease a small area in the middle (an inch or so). Unfold. Fold the paper from the other corners and crease again. This will make a small cross in the middle of the paper.

Step 3: Keep Folding

Fold the Corners into the cross and crease them. Take the edge of one of
the creased corners and fold it into the center, creasing it's edge. Unfold all.

Step 4: Snip

Take a pair of scissors and snip along folded lines inward to the creased square in the middle. Do this on both sides of a corner. Then do the same on the opposite corner. The other two corners will remain unsnipped.

Step 5: Form Box

Fold one non snipped corners to the middle, then fold again were it was creased before. This will leave two tail like flaps. Tip the edge up to make a side. Do the same with the opposite corner. Fold the corners that had been snipped over the flaps from the unsnipped corners.

Step 6:

Paste down the triangular flaps inside.

This should give you the top of the box. Repeat the process with the slightly smaller paper for the bottom of the box.

Fill with chocolates.