Introduction: Candy Cane Earrings

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cute little cand cane earnings you will need

fimo -red and white
jewlery pliers - round and cutting
ribbon 3mm or thinner
earing hooks
flat end wire things :)

Step 1: Make the Twisty Cane

roll out red and white fimo into long thing pieces and then twist them togther, then cut them into small pieces one for each cane

Step 2: Cane Shape and Bake

gently bend one end round to make the cane shape

the push the wires through the cane gently at the top, and it should stop at the flat end

bake your fimo in he overn for about half hours there will be cooking instructions on the packet

Step 3: Glaze and Dry

You don't have to glaze them but I think they look nicer I use triple thick but any will do, I also like to stab them into a fimo block to dry .....

Step 4: And the Hook

add the earing hook and bend the wire around in a circle and then twist the wire around below this ,trim of any excess wire

Step 5: And a Cute Bow

make a small cute bow out of ribbon, I burnt he ends with a match to stop them fraying, and then use a high tack glue to glue to your canes


yes Ive made lots guess what all my friends are getting this year :) enjoy
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