Introduction: Squirtle 3ds Xl Case

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I needed a case for my ds xl and figured hey £1.50 spent on felt to make one is way cheaper then any funky Patterned one I could find so here it is my felt Squirtle case for any size ds or probably any hand held console actually.... Could make it to the style of any pokemon you like too :)

Step 1: You Will Need, Template and Cutting the Main Pieces

You will need:
Felt in chosen colours
Sewing machine

Draw around your console, then add extra to allow for the width of the sides and then and about another half inch for seam allowance when sewing tadah template.

Use the template two cut two pieces of your main base color.

Use this two cut pieces from the other colours, I cut mine to be just over half the length of the main pieces.

Step 2: Front Piece and Shell Detail

First pin the top edge (in the middle ish) down and sew along the edge.

I then placed my ds in the middle of the main piece and marked it the edges with pins so that I could judge wear to put the shell detail lines

Sew in the details as shown above with sewing machine. Don't forget to reverse stich the beginning and ends and to make sure the needle is down when lifting foot and turning directions

Sew all loose threads to the inside and tie off

Step 3:

Next cut out the shapes for the eyes I did progressively smaller shapes so that there day a line of white then brown then black in the middle glue together and then see around the edge of the black pieces to secure (I don't trust the glue)

Secure loose threads

Step 4:

Next repeat the first step for the white on the back piece

I then trimmed down the brown piece to the size of the ds tucked under the edges and sew in place around the edge.

I then added the detail starting with the middle shape and then doing the lines coming out from this.

Secure loose threads

Step 5: Sew Together

Place piece outsides together and sew around the edge leaving the bottom open

Start as far away from the edge as you want if the case Is two loose just go round again a bit further in until you get a nice fit. Trim down the excess and turn the right side oiy

Step 6: Button

Trim away excess blue felt at the opening and make a small slit in the outside frount for a button,

Blanket stich the edge
Line up where to place the button and attach

Now you can close the case

Step 7: Tadah

Wala Squirtle case

Make one for whichever pokemon you like

I'm also thinking about adding a lining to mine but not for round to it yet