Introduction: How to Stop Down Duvet Slipping Down in Its Cover

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Do you find you wake up in the morning to find your down duvet (or comforter) has slipped down to the bottom of the cover in the morning. Meaning you wake up cold like me having to get out of bed to re make it to get warm again!! if so the solution is here!!!

Step 1: You Will Need

- your duvet!
- needle and thread
- scrap ribbon or strips of fabric
- duvet cover

Step 2: Attach to Duvet

Find the top corners of your duvet. sew one end of the ribbon or fabric to the side a little way down from the corner. being carful not to pierce the pocket of feathers, use the seam to attach it too. Lay the ribbon/ fabric across to the adjacent side again a little way down and sew to the seam again creating a kind loop across the corner. repeat this on the other top corner.

Step 3: Attach to Cover

find the middle of another length of fabric or ribbon and sew to the INSIDE top (the end that doesn't open!) corner of your cover, producing two little tassles repeat on other top inside corner

Step 4: Tie Together

tie the tassles to the loop on the duvet for both corners, I found a double notted bow is most effective and easy to remove for washing :)

Step 5: Make Your Bed!

turn the cover the right way out passing over the duvet at the same time. and make your bed, don't forget the cuddy toy to hug :) always helps aid sleep even for grown adults :)

Step 6: Sleep!!

and now you may sleep, and you should find your problem is fixed!!!