Introduction: Candy Crush Color Bomb

Have you ever wanted to make your own candy crush candy?

Well here is how to make the Color bomb. Enjoy in these easy steps. :D

Step 1: Items, ASSEMBLE!

What you will be needing

hair dryer

any size bag of lindor truffles

tin foil or some other type of surface to catch sprinkles

bowl to catch sprinkles

skewers or toothpicks


Step 2: Skewer, Heat, and Decorate

First put your truffle on your skewer or toothpick.

Skewers fit perfectly in the little truffle divet but they are not necessary. We just didn't have toothpicks.

Next, turn your hairdryer on high and while rotating the truffle on the skewer, heat for no longer than 15 seconds.

If you heat longer than 15 seconds, the truffle will cave in and it will make you sad panda.

Immediately after heating, start sprinkling. Do this very quickly and over your bowl so that sprinkles don't go everywhere.

SideNote: If you want them to be all sprinkled up, just take the cap off of the sprinkles and pour them on.

Step 3: Cool Off and Eat

They take some time to get back to non-melting temperature so the freezer helps.

You can eat them as soon as you're done with them or whenever you want.

Put them on a cake or eat them with your fingers.

Just enjoy your sugar crush!