Introduction: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweater

Making an ugly Christmas sweater is easy. There's all kinds of ideas online about how to decorate yourself like anyone else. But if you really want a sweater that's gonna wow your friends and family, try this instructable on for size. Its the Ultimate Ugly Christmas sweater sweater.


-decorating materials such as

pipe cleaners,

sequins of various shapes,

pom poms,

mini Christmas tree decorations

acrylic paints,

paint brushes,

and felt

-old sweaters in various colors

You can get these at the thrift store and in many colors. try looking for kids sweaters as well, very little fabric at a lower price. Going to a fabric store for your fabric is going to be a lot more expensive.

-1 yard light interfacing(for multiple sweaters)

-A base sweater

-sewing machine




-aluminum wire (14 gauge)

-needle nose pliers or jewelry priers

-hot glue gun and glue sticks


-Some sweater references

Step 1: Trace Your Pattern

Take the pattern provided and scale it to the size of the picture. The scale is provided next to the patterns.

The way that I do this is by saving the picture and scaling it to the correct size using ratio tool in the program paint until it is close to the right proportions.

Trace the pattern off of the computer screen and cut out the pattern onto paper and get ready for the next step.

Step 2: Cut and Iron

I recommend before cutting that you read this entire section and watch the video.


Now onto cutting. The chest pattern piece needs 2 of interfacing, 2 of fabric.

The arms need 2 of interfacing, 2 of fabric,

and the neck needs 1 of fabric.

You can pin your pattern down onto the fabrics you are cutting to help get straighter lines.


Now you have to get your interfacing attached to your fabric. I have tried making these sweaters multiple ways and it always works out much better if you use interfacing on the sweater material.

Make sure you get your iron turned on.

With the shiny side of your interfacing touching the wrong side of your cut fabric pieces, you can iron the interfacing side to get it to bond to the fabric. You can put your iron directly onto the interfacing but your iron will not want to glide over it so you'll need something in between your iron and the interfacing. I suggest a cotton or muslin, thin material, with no stretch. A material like a bed sheet. Keep running your iron over it until they are well attached. It does'nt have to be perfectly stuck but just needs to be on there well enough to get the sewing done.

Step 3: A Little Sewing and a Little Hotglueing

Sewing part 1

Next is the sewing. Some parts will need to be hand sewn and some can be done on a sewing machine. But it can all be hand sewn if you dont have a sewing machine.

You'll start by hemming the chest pieces. Then pinning the chest pieces together and sewing at the shoulder and side seams. Next, you fold the sleeves together and sew up the length of the arm.

Next will be the hand sewing. With the collar on the inside of the neck hole and the chest turned inside out, sew along the neck hole. Nobody will be wearing this sweater so you don't need to pay super close attention to how neat your hand sewing is.

Hot glue

Before turning the sweater right side out, take a second to pull out your hot glue gun and glue down the sleeve hems. You can hem them the way you did the bottom of the sweater but I find that it doesn't look quite as good in the end. So this step is optional if you'd like put a hem on them in the previous step.

Sewing part 2

With the chest still inside out you can do the same with the sleeves. Insert them right side out through the sleeve hole, pin them into place and then sew along the sleeve hole opening.

Then all you have to do is turn the whole sweater right side out and the base sweater is finished.

Step 4: Mini Hanger

Using your jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers and your aluminum wire you create the mini hanger. The video best shows you how to do this step.

Step 5: Decorate

Here are some quick references to give you some idea but feel free to do whatever you want with your little sweaters. They are yours for the decorating.

Use your pom poms, pipe cleaners, felt, sequins, and whatnot however you see fit and have fun with it!

After your sweaters are made you can hot glue them onto your base sweater or sew them on one at a time.

Step 6: Lots of Finished Sweaters = 1 Finished Sweater

Its a bit arduous and time consuming but the finished product speaks for itself. Now get to that Christmas party and show off your Holiday best in your Ugly Christmas sweater Sweater.

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