Introduction: No Sew Mini Moths

Need some cool and interesting home decor for your home? Make as many as you want and spread these moths all over your life with this no sew tutorial.

low temp hot glue gun

hot glue sticks


marker for the back of your fur

1-2 fabrics for the wings- 1/8 yard of each fabric or just 1/8 yd if using 1 fabric


small long craft feathers (2 for each moth)

extra thick interfacing/stabilizer

faux fur(2 in long) 1/16 yard

xacto knife(optional)

Step 1: The Pattern

First you need to decide which size moth or moths you'd like to make.

Finished dimensions

pattern 1(smallest): 5.5 x 2.5 in

pattern 2(medium): 6.5 x 4.5 in

pattern 3(largest): 5 x 5.5 in

Cut out the 3 to 4 corresponding pattern pieces for whichever moth you'd like to make.

There is a 2 in marker on each pattern paper to denote the size of your pattern.

Step 2: Furry Little Body

Start by taking a piece of fur that's bigger than the pattern piece for the moth body. Use the hair clippers to trim the fur to 7/8 for the medium pattern or 3/4 for the small pattern. No trimming is needed for the largest.

Trace the pattern for the body onto the back of the fur. Cut out the piece using very small cutting motions with the end of the scissors. If the fur is cut in large cuts, the fur will be unnecessarily trimmed and it will definitely show. Also make sure to cut the little darts on the fur.

Next, hot glue the inner body piece onto the wrong side of the fur. After that, put hot glue on the inner body piece and pull the edges of the fur over it.

The body is finished.

Step 3: Wings

Take your wing pieces and trace them out onto your heavy interfacing and cut.

Lay one of the interfacing pieces onto one of your pieces of fabric and cut around it 3/8 to 1/2 in.

After that, lay your interfacing onto the cut piece, wrong side touching the interfacing. From here you'll glue around the edges of the fabric onto the interfacing, in sections. Don't try to do the entire wing all at once. The glue will dry before you get the whole wing done.

Repeat this step for all of the wings.

Step 4: Glue It Together

Lay out your wings and figure out what pose you'll exactly want them to be in. Then glue the tops to the bottom where they overlap.

At the back, use a small piece of interfacing to connect the wings. Do the same for the front but with a smaller piece that will be covered by the body.

Then glue the body onto your wings.

Step 5: Antenna

(Since Coronavirus is making it so this tutorial maker can't go to the craft store, we are gonna use a visual aid today)

Take your small feather and cut down the stem. Sometimes this ruins the other side of the feather, so plan for 2 feathers to be used for each moth.

The red lines in the drawing roughly denote where you'll cut down the feather to get a small antenna for your moth.

When you are happy with the shape, glue them on an angle coming out of the side moths head.

Step 6: Wall Hanger and Done!!!

This is a simple way to add a hanger to the back of the moth to hang on the wall. Other methods of hangers can be used for whatever purpose you have in mind.

And with that, we're done! Make them with any fabric you want or size them up and put giant moths everywhere. Spread these adorable little moths all over your lights.....I mean life.

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