Introduction: Candy Shooter

Not only was this a fun project to make it also solves the Party Piñata Danger:

Typically the bigger kids knock a hole in the piñata and there is a line waiting. There is someone in danger of getting wacked with the stick. I would like to find a way to quickly, safely, and in a fun way to spread the candy out so the kids could all race to the candy.

Avoiding this


I subscribe to Grant Thompson’s King of Random.

The plans for my Candy Cannon were made from his his youTube video “The Candy Cannon” 10/25/12

I also came across this version and used his idea of using an old tire valve to charge the system.

Alternative idea to build compact 2" bore air cannon with a coaxial piston valve.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • 2 inch PVC
  • 3/4 inch PVC
  • Momentary Switch
  • PVC Cement
  • Old Threaded Tire Valve
  • PVC Elbows
  • PVC Shut off Valve
  • Sprinkler Valve

Step 2: Cut PVC to Size and Dry Fit

Cut all the PVC to length and dry fit.

While I was cutting I modified my plan to include as much 2 inch PVC as possible.

  • 3 24 inch 2 inch PVC (2 base pieces and 1 cannon barrel)
  • 3 /4 inch long 3/4 inch PVC ( 1 air valve, 2 connected to sprinkler valve)1
  • 2 inch 3/4 inch PVC (2x2x 3/4 T)

Step 3: Setting Up the Air Valve

  1. Add the air valve stem to the PVC.
  2. Drill a smaller hole then the threads on the valve stem.
  3. This will allow you to cut threads into the PVC with the valve stem.
  4. Add a little bit of PVC cement to the hole to help seal and soften the PVC
  5. Allow it to dry and test.

Notes on the Air Valve

Positing the air filling valve so you have easy access to it. I do like the mobility and the ability to use a hand pump if needed. The only problem is it takes about 20 pumps to get close to 60 psi

I used this video to assist me setting up the air valve

Step 4: Check to See If the 9 Volt Battery Will Open the Sprinkler Valve.

  1. Connect a lead from the Sprinkler valve to one leg on the Momentary Switch.
  2. Connect the other side of the Momentary Switch to the battery.
  3. Connect the open battery connection (+) to the sprinkler valve completing the circuit .
  4. You should hear a click when you complete the circuit.
  5. If not you may need to investigate another power source.

Step 5: Clean and Test Fit Before You Glue

  1. I used my belt sander to clean up the ends of the PVC.
  2. I forgot to add an inch to all of my connections so I had to go back and re-cut a couple of pieces of PVC

Step 6: Glue, Wait, and Fire!

I tried to wait the recommended 2 hours. By the time I cleaned up and did a some of the video editing it was only 20 minutes.

Step 7: Have a Helper Load

You may need to experiment with a variety of objects

  • Candy
  • Water balloons
  • Corn
  • Small Toys
  • Arm Men with a Parachute
  • and more

Make sure you test your cannon before you have an audience, just in case something goes wrong. That way you do not have any witnesses.

Load with stuff and fire! Repeat over and over.

I have been wanting to try with LED Throwies