Introduction: Candy Wrapper Bag

Fill with candy and gift for ultimate satisfaction. Or do that for yourself. (do it for yourself)

This instructable is long overdue, I know...

Step 1: Materials

- Lots of candy wrappers taken off with meticulous care (or any flat thing)
- Clear packing tape
- Colored duct tape (your choice)

- Scissors or craft knife

(hooray for bootlegged pictures!)

Step 2: Create the Sheets

You'll need colored duct tape, clear packing tape, your wrappers/other material, and your scissors/craft knife.

I included measurements if you want the bag to be the same size as mine, but here's what they have to be:
-'face' of final purse= L x W, Depth= D
-The sheet for the body = 2L x W
-Bottom sheet: W x D
-Sides (final trapezoid shape): D for the long base, L for the slants, top varies.

1. make a sheet of colored duct tape 20"x12" -- Don't double side it, leave one side sticky
2. Arrange wrappers/ other material on the sticky side. You may need to cut up some to fill in the sheet so no sticky shows.
3. Press down on it to smooth it out, cover gaps, etc.
4. Cover wrapper side with clear tape
5. Cover raw edge of shorter sides by laying a 12" strip of colored tape halfway on the edge, then fold it over.
6. Flatten it under some textbooks, your mattress, or something of the sort. Meanwhile...

1. Make 2 sheets of colored duct tape 8"x4" -- Double sided so there's no sticky.
2. Trim edges, so they're trapezoids that are about 2" on top and 4" on the bottom.

1. Make a colored duct tape sheet 4"x12" -- Double sided

Remove your body sheet from wherever you out it, and cut nicely in half HAMBURGER. So you get two 10"x12" rectangles.

(I wrote you this whole thing, excuse the lack of pictures...)

Step 3: Tape Everything Together

You'll need colored duct tape, the pieces you made in the previous step, and scissors/craft knife.

1. Lay out your body pieces and bottom piece so the 12" sides line up and the bottom piece is between the 2 body pieces.
2. Put a piece of tape where each of the edges meet, the flip over and do the same for the other side. Flip back.
3. Add the side pieces so the 4" edges meet the bottom piece's 4" edge.
4. Tape over where these edges meet, and flip and do the same. Flip to whichever side doesn't show the candy wrappers.
5. On one long edge of a side piece, put a strip of tape halfway hanging off. Kinda fold it back so that the sticky side is out.
6. Lift this triangle up, still holding that strip back. Lift up the body piece that will border it and line up the edges. Let go of the strip and press the tape in place. Cover the edges of the outside corner with tape  so no sticky stuff shows.
7. Repeat with 3 other sides

Corresponding colored edges in pic 1 go together.

Step 4: Add a Handle

I figure this is self explanatory...

If not, follow the instructions on this page, step 7.

Step 5: Tips and Stuff

Sorry about the lack of pics :)

You can add an inside pocket: follow the directions on this page to make one. Forget about the rest of the stuff just go to step 4.

You can make these with whatever: movie tickets, playing cards, fortune cookie fortunes.