Introduction: Cannondale Logo


To craft a logo, you will need a ready-made 25x86 mm alder board.

Cut it into smaller pieces (25x86x500) using a miter saw.

Cut the pieces down their length into thinner ones (25x42x500 mm) using a disc saw. Then cut the resulting work-pieces into 10 mm thick lamella boards.

Trim the lamella boards down to a thickness of 7.5 mm on a thickness planer.

Step 1: Gluing

Put the lamella boards together into small panels. Match color and fiber orientation. Put indices or marks on each one.

Trim the lamella board with a hand tool and fit them together.

Glue them into a single panel. Remove excess glue with a hand scraper.

Trim the panels down to 5 mm thick on a thickness planer.

Glue the panels together and alternate fiber orientation. Leave it for one or two days and wait for inherent moisture to distribute evenly throughout it.

Step 2: The Logo

Copy the Cannondale logo image onto the panel using a carbon paper. To keep it stable, nail or clip it to the board. Outline poorly visible contours with a pencil.

Cut out the logo with a jig saw along the outer contour.

Cut out 3 mm hollows for insertable elements using a router.

Step 3: Сontinue...

Cut insertable elements out of the 4 mm thick lamella board. Polish the edge.

Sand the background areas. Fit the inlays and make sure they sit well. They should be easy to extract.

Glue in the inlays and clamp the logo between two 10 mm thick pieces of plywood. Once the glue dries, sand all protruding parts of the inserted elements.

Step 4: Finishing

Paint the logo in white oil twice.

Job done! Logo Cannondale Bicycle Corporation