Introduction: Wooden Peugeot Mosaic Puzzle

Preparing for work

You will need a 27/90/2500mm alder board. Cut out three 350 mm work pieces.

Match the pieces according to color to form a board. Keep grain direction in mind. Mark each plank with a number.

Adjust the pieces using a block plane. Check the pieces’ integrity with a toolmaker’s straight-edge and the straight angle between the face and the edge using a triangle.

Spread glue evenly over each piece and clamp them together. Remove excess glue with a sponge. Leave the piece until the glue dries completely.

Size adjustment

Fix a thickness planer on a DIY surface-planing and thicknessing device and plane one of the
board’s sides. Mark the surface with a marker or pencil for better control of the resultant thickness. The thickness of the layer shaved off at a time should not exceed 1 mm. Plane the resulting piece on the device until it is 16 mm thick. Mark one of its surfaces as face.

Step 1: Cutting Out Mosaic

Print the mosaic puzzle pattern on a sheet of paper and glue the sheet on to the board. Press it gently and leave until the glue dries.

Cut out the pieces according to the pattern. Cut it along the width, then fix the piece with masking tape and continue along the length.

Gently remove the paper from the pieces. Finish each piece manually.

Step 2: Painting Logo

Paint the mosaic puzzle game in white acryl paint. Do it twice and finish it after putting the first layer.

Composing the image: cut out a paper Peugeot lion template and glue it on to the piece. Line the Peugeot logo area with masking tape and paint it blue. Leave it until the paint is dry.

When the blue background has dried, gently remove the paper lion template. Paint the lion silver. Use this silver paint when drawing the quadrangle enclosing the lion and writing the company name. I recommend using a printed letter template. Leave the piece until the paint is dry.

Polish the puzzle game gently to remove excess paint. Paint it in clear lacquer twice. Finish it after putting the first layer. Leave it until the paint is completely dry.