Introduction: DIY Wooden Car


Draw a sketch on an A4 sheet of paper. Mark holes for wheel axes. Spread the drawing over a piece of plywood, cut out a template and finish it.

Step 1: ​The Body

Take a 50 mm thick oak plank and cut off rough ends at both sides. Even out one of the sides with a hand tool. Plane the piece until it is 44 mm thick using a thickness planer. Put the template on the board and draw the contour. Cut out the body using a fret-saw machine. Polish the body using an oscillating spindle sander. Mark axis holes and drill the. The holes should be 0.5 mm wider in diameter than the axes themselves. Turn the drilling table 90° and drill shallow headlamp holes. Do the final polishing of the body.

Step 2: Wheels

Draw circles on the board. Locate the center point. Cut out wheel pieces with a little margin (about 1 mm). Drill a 10 mm deep blind hole in the middle. Polish the wheels using the oscillary spindle machine. Chamfer the edge a little using a trimmer, then polish the whole piese.

Step 3: ​Logo

Print any car brands on the machine and glue it onto the piece. I chose KIA. Make a shallow hollow using an engraver. Later, it will be filled with epoxide resin. Prepare two-component epoxy resin and smear the piece with it. Heat it up moderately to remove the remaining bubbles and leave it for 1-3 hours until it dries completely. When the resin dries up and grows solid, remove its excess and the masking tape. Make the final polishing.

Step 4: Finishing. Assembly.

Paint the toy car in Borma linseed oil. Apply the oil with a little excess and wait 10-15 minutes until it saturates the wood evenly. Remove excess oil using a clean piece of cotton cloth. Leave the piece until the oil dries completely.

Start assembly 10-12 hours later. To glue the wheels to the axes, use a two-component five-minute epoxy resin. Put the resin into the blind holes in the wing. Leave it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes until the resin dries completely.

The toy car is ready!