Canon EOS10 Camera in Florescent Pink, 3 Hour Makeover




Introduction: Canon EOS10 Camera in Florescent Pink, 3 Hour Makeover

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i was going to harvest the shutter and transport system for something,
as i thought the auto rewind nubbin inside the camera had broke off, after poking around inside i realize that it has a retractable nubbin ,which pokes out into the film when some gears are turned.unlike the 500n or elan which have a red blob thingy inside.
i had already cut the wires to the pop up flash and shoe,this camera can also use a barcode scanner for picture modes which is unusual. and a reason to keep the camera working,  then i remembered how much this video irritated me so i thought id do the pink thing and keep it fully functioning , i masked the dial with plasticine,

challenging bits were getting the wires back together and inside the case tidy,placement of the metal parts under the shoe(sense external flash and built in flash position) the lever that controls the pop up and the dial alignment.

i have 2 left over screws
due to the be nice policy if you think its hideous just comment "its nice"

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well it *is* nice :P But at least you did a better job than Kai! I'm assuming it still works? lol.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks, and yes it still works fine.