Introduction: Valentines Day Special,Ozone Fart Remover, Rechargeable Gas Hob Igniter,UV Generator,

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IF YOU MAKE THIS, DO NOT TEST IT ON ANY LIVING THING, INCLUDING YOURSELF. This is not a toy. there are various hazards to know about during this instructable.This product or process should not be accessed by children animals or people impaired mentally or physically, or people with internal electrics such as pacemakers or artificial organs. It will not be used in a public place. It will always be stored out of reach and sight of children,preferably secured by a lock. You will not put this in your pocket. It will be only used in accordance to the law and rule of local governing authorities . This criteria is understood to be the start of a long list of precautions. Understand that i accept no liability for any losses, damages or injuries. What you do is your responsibility and your risk. Be safe as you possibly can. Dont be a contender for the Darwin awards please. Happy valentines day.

i chose a matchbox as the case because it was the right size and had some suitable warnings on it. a squeezy plastic oil can was my second choice. this project took a couple of hours and cost about £5.00

spark discharges creates ozone by smashing up molecules in the air. these pieces of molecule cling to odorous fart particles in the air oxidizing them or something, anyway the smell goes away.

spark discharges also give off uv light which can be usefull in curing uv sensitive nail varnish,and filling in tan lines (not that i recommend putting this thing anywhere near your white bits.)

Step 1: Tools & Materials & Safety


  • soldering iron that can cause burns
  • drill drills can put dangerous holes in you
  • file sandpaper grinder could give you a graze or flick something in your eyeball
  • side cutters/ tinsnips /scissors/ craft knife, all of which can cut you
  • hole punch, hammer hammers can be dangerous mind your hands and consider goggles
  • hot glue gun/ epoxy glue (epoxy is not ideal for electrical insulation)hot glue can scald, epoxy glue emits small amounts of cyanide
  • pliers can cause a nasty pinch
  • rule pencil , pencils have a pointy end


  • a plastic box , type that business cards are supplied in. scrap plastic perspex, may have sharp edges
  • small stainless steel bolts, regular steel will work but it rusts ,cuts from rusty metal can cause tetanus
  • a large household matchbox £0.69p matches can be dangerous
  • wire £pull some out of something make sure its unplugged and discharged
  • momentary push button £1 / £2
  • no off rocker switch £1 / £2
  • Ultra-high 1000 kV Pulsed High Voltage Inverter Arc Generator Ignition Coil £3.00 can seriously zap you.make sure you do not touch anything referenced to earth, be aware of where both of your hands are at all times,be aware that at this voltage wood is no longer an insulator it becomes a conductor.
  • poundland usb power bank ,£1 lithium batteries can explode into fire if abused sufficiently

Heres a very detailed video by bigclivedotcom about the specific power bank that I am using. demonstrating that its a good idea to see if it puts charge into your phone before handing over a pound for your power supply

Step 2: Electrical Connection

testing the circuit with the electrodes too far apart will damage the coil.

testing the circuit on yourself will most likely irreparably damage you

its a super simple circuit., having two switches acts as a safety device, reducing the risk of accidental activation.

Step 3: Making the Case.

this is a bit more involved, though its all simple fabrication and hot glue in the gaps.. here is where you can get creative and make it your own. hot glue is an excellent insulator. below is my video of putting it together, iv sped it up to keep it interesting.

thank you for looking at my instructable , please vote , favorite, comment and subscribe .

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