Cap With a Small Hidden Pocket in Which to Store Money




Introduction: Cap With a Small Hidden Pocket in Which to Store Money

Hi! I know this project is not a major or extremely fantastic Instructable, but I believe it is worth being an Instructable because it is decidedly helpful when you're at the supermarket and are only $3 short of your grocery bill. If you have $5 in your cap, you can whip it out and go.

Another great feature of the money pocket is that it is unnoticeable, so if one of your friends steals your cap for a while, he won't take the money. You can also put coins in this pocket, but they might clink when you're running or even handling your cap.

This project will only take you a few minutes and happily, only requires one tool for the job.

Whether you're at the store, near a vending machine, need a tip, or just don't have any other money along, this feature will save you a lot of trouble.


-Seam ripper

Step 1: Ripping Out the Thread.

When your cap is upside down, the money should be under the cloth on the brim.

To start, turn the cap upside down and examine the threads on the sweatband and brim of the cap. Depending on how your cap was made, you may have to take several thread strips out of the cap. Identify which strips need to come out then take a few inches of thread, using a seam ripper, from the strips, near the middle of the brim. I had to take two thread strips out.

Step 2: Putting the Money In.

When you can fit a folded dollar bill in the pocket, your hole is large enough. Instead of making a knot or two to hold the pieces together where you removed the thread, fold the sweatband over the loose piece of material from the brim and let it hold it in place. I have not had any trouble with the material from the brim coming out from under the sweatband.

Step 3: Use the Money When You Need It!

The last thing to do is to use that money when you're in a pinch! I'm sure you'll be glad for the money when you need it!

Thanks for reading this Instructable, please comment, and have a great day!

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    2 years ago

    Great idea. You might also have room for putting a key too.
    Though perhaps it might not be the best idea.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thats a good idea I never thought of!