Introduction: Log Cabin That Safely Hides $4,000+!

Hi everyone! This time it's a log cabin that can hide over $4,000! (If you want to see how to build this cabin, see my other Instructables, as I have one on building this cabin.) And how can it hold $4,000+? The roof has almost forty logs, then there's the door and the ridgepoles. If you stick one one-hundred-dollar bill in each space, you can put that much in! If you're really hard up, you can put two one-hundred-dollar bills in each log, and put in a total off nearly $8,000!! When someone comes to steal, are they going to suspect that this neat cabin is holding, at that second, over $4,000-$8,000? Maybe you should make it rather ugly, so they don't take it because it's so beautiful!

The whole process (if you already have built the cabin) takes less than ten minutes (plus the time the paint takes to dry.) Have fun!


Collect the supplies:

-Pen or pencil

-Scrap paper



-Hot-glue gun

-Dark brown spray paint

Step 1: Take the Door Off and Making a New One.

First, you will want to rip the door off (first photo) then using the door, trace two outlines on another piece of paper. Cut out the outlines and lay one on a flat surface, place your piece of money on it, then on top lay the other piece of paper. Carefully staple the two pieces of paper together being careful not to staple into the money. Put in three staples on each side and one on one end.

Step 2: Replacing the Door...

To replace the door, put a line of glue on the doorpost, pull the money out of the door (from the top) and keep it out until the paint has dried, then stick the door against the door frame. Be careful to get the side of the door which has no staple on the top.

Step 3: Stuffing the Roof With Money!

For more storage space, roll your bill, then stick it up the one of the roof pieces (see picture.) Fill as many spaces as you want. To keep the bills from being seen at the end, crumble tiny pieces of paper and stuff them into the end of every log on the roof so that all the logs look the same and seem less suspicious.

Step 4: Spray Painting.

Spray paint the door and all the tiny pieces stuck up the roof logs. (The second photo is what it should look like.) And don't forget, once the paint has dried, to stick the bill in the front door.

Step 5: Keep the Secret!

Don't let the word get out to everyone if you have money in your cabin! Otherwise, your cabin might be carried off!

Lastly, enjoy your cabin that is worth $5,000!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this Instructable. Please comment and have a great day!

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