Introduction: Capelo HW

This is one of the tutorials that I like. I am a big fan of cars and I have a large collection of scale cars, but I am one of those who like to take them out of the package and see them.

So I designed a capelo which had a standard size where I could put HOTWHEELS, MATCHBOX and some of CARS. I also wanted them to be assembled so that I could put them together so that I could exchange them.


It is required to cut the files in laser cut (Attached file).

MDF 3mm (File Attachment)

MDF 5.5mm (File Attachment)

Acrylic 2mm (Attached file)

Fomi (File Attachment)

UHU glue

White glue

Acrylic glue


Step 1: STEP 1

Using the glue in UHU we glue the fomi to the 5.5 mm MDF, this will serve to have the base of our cars, that they do not move freely in the capelo and at the same time the MDF will help us to close the capelo.

Step 2: STEP 2

Using the white glue we glue the two pieces of 5.5mm MDF, taking care that the engraving is on top.

Step 3: STEP 3

Using the white glue again, we join the 5.5mm MDF with the 3mm MDF base using the engraving as a guide

Step 4: STEP 4

>>>> Be very careful in this step <<<<

Use the acrylic glue to stick the capelo, but be careful not to stain the acrylic, I recommend using a syringe.

Step 5: STEP 5

Measure the car at the base of the fomi, and with the help of a scalpel remove the squares that match the tires, this will help us to prevent the car from moving inside the capelo.

Step 6: FINAL

Finally Repeat these steps until you have all your cars protected and it is time to arrange them and play with the pattern


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