In this difficult situation we are currently

in, it is necessary not to skimp on care for ourselves and our loved ones, so we designed a simple germicidal ultraviolet light lamp, using a fluorescent tube used in water purifiers, which helps us to disinfect products that cannot be wet or use chemicals, such as money, documents and some food.

Warning: Do not directly see the light, nor expose the skin for a long time.



· Plastic tray, (40 x 30 x 7cm) x1 piece.

· Ultraviolet fluorescent light, (130V ~ 60Hz, 8W) x1 piece.

· Ballast, (127V ~ 60HZ, 1X8W) x1 pieces.

· Lamp base, 3D Printing (Attached file) x2 piece.

· Power cable, x120 cm.

o Plug x1 piece.

o Damper x1piece.

· Thick Cardboard, (29 x 8.5cm) x1piece.

· Fluorescent lamp socket, x2pieces.

· 5.5mm MDF Legs, Laser Cut (Attached File) x2pieces.

· Fine threaded rod, (6mm) 32cm long x 1piece.

o Nut 6mm x4 pieces.

o Round 6mm x4 pieces.

· Fine screw (3mm) 14mm long x2 pieces.

o Nut 3mm x2 pieces.

· Fine phillips screw (3mm) 23mm long x4 pieces.


· Fine flat screwdriver.

· Fine phillips screwdriver.

· Insulating tape.

· Soldering iron.

o Welding equipment

Step 1:

Screw the ballast to the MDF leg that has the holes in the side, using the 14mm long fine screws and their corresponding nuts.

It is recommended to disassemble the ballast to prevent cables from stowing.

Step 2:

Place the lamp bases on each leg as shown in the image using the 3mm long 23mm fine screws.

Step 3:

Place the endless rod in the lamp bases, use a clamping system using a double nut and a washer on each side.

Be careful to have 27.3cm of separation between bases so that the lamp enters.

Step 4:

Assemble the power cable with the damper and attach it to the ballast power cables, using only 90cm of cable.

Step 5:

Pass the cables through the square holes in the base, then make the connection with the socket, and retract them so that the piece is in place.

Step 6:

Repeat the previous step on the other foot, but using the remaining 20 cm of cable.

Step 7:

Solder the cables with the ballast wiring, thus closing the circuit.

Step 8:

Place the focus on the sockets and rotate them to activate it.

Step 9:

Place the cardboard on the guide at the base of the lamp to generate a small screen to protect your eyes.

Step 10:

Mount on tray and use to disinfect.

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