Introduction: Capers...Mediterranean Fruit

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Hallo dudes again!

Oh summer is really beautiful, near the sea, sunshining and endless fishing hours. In the middle of the drain scenery there's a small plant that resists weather, sun, drain. Is among the walls and the rocks. Its dark green and has small flowers. You want one flower of the wild nature but not be harry. Spins are all over the plant and small fruits like hearts are growing. Ladies and gentleman let me proudly introduce you Caparea Spinosa or Capers.  Let's learn some stuff about this exeptional miracle of nature. You may find it in 3-4 varieties depending the color (open green to dark) and the plant itself if is  male or female. can be finded in the most coastal areas arround mediterranean sea. The best variety of the Plant can be seen in South Italy and Greece islands. Here some infos... .
The fruit of Caparis is ideal for salads. Its little a bit salty, sour, and has a rich spicy flavor. A teaspoon of this and you rocket away your salads and your taste. Here in Greece only goodeaters eat Caper. Its expensive because have to collect one by one at the end of June till 20 July, under the sun. To fill a vase might occupied you about 3-4 hours!!!. Caper cannot be treated in gardens. Needs salt water to grow, and sea winds to blow. 50g costing about 5 dollars and the best quality rise up to 20 USD.
Let's Grab it

Step 1: Harvest Time! have the mood, your hat, wear a pair of smooth cotton gloves else you will not recognise your hands at the end. We need to collect the small beans, leaving the big to bloom. We start from the top of the branches and gently we remove the fruits one by one.
At the end of the day we have collected enough. You are tired I know but the job is not finished yet. But enough for today....Let's rest.

Step 2: Treating and Prep just waked up and driming sea and resting. Yes but not today. The green mediterranean hearts waiting you for treating them and preparing them to keep them in jars.
All preparation has its own steps but in general lines are these:

1.. first we take any bean and look it thoroughly for worms, and discoloring. Also in this step we cut the big stalks or remove them.
2.After we rinse them thouroughly in big pans. We avoid plastic or porcelan. The first might be toxic the second will be corrupt after the 7 days of the Capers preparation. Wooden, or Bamboo baskets are ideal
3. After rinsing, we drop some (2-3) teaspoons  of vinegar. We stir and we pour the vinegar. Rinse well with water. In this stage we killed or removed all worms and insects.
4. Now its ready for the main preparation. for a half kilo we need 500-750 gr of sea salt. For better results we need coarse salt. Also drop about 300 ml of water. Mix gently and leave it for 4-7 days.
During this procedure the salt is taking away the deep hotness and a rich taste remains. Please stir genly every day twice. Leave it in an open window or on the fresh air. I drop also some drops of vinegar.Every 2 days we change the water with the salt. At the end you are happy to taste the finest taste.

Step 3: Keep the Treasure...

After a week and mutch of work you are ready at last to keep the product even for decades. But also this has enough secrets. First we wash the jar (new or used) in boiled water. Let it dry and cool down. After take Capers and rinse them so the more salt go away. Please be careful here. We want the salt taste and the salty water as preservative. So keep the most of it. Fill up the vase with Capers and also pour in vase the salty water but not at the top. Just 2-3 cm of the top let it free. We add  2 bigspoons of finest vinegar mixed in a small glass with tiny quantity of valsamic vinegar.Pour it to the jar. Add at the edge of a soupspoon some sugar and some origan leaves. At the top place 2 half lemon slices for preservative. You are ready to shield the jar.

This finest appetizer and salad accompanier is really a tasty treasure offered richly from mother nature at your disch. Don't spend it wiseless, keep it your kitchen like a secret. Will return it rich flavor.

for How to Use Caper in recipes look here
My simplest recipe is Tomato salad, feta cheese, olives, onions, capers, origani,  olive oil and that's it...the perfect Summer disch.

Thank you for watching this instructable. Also this is participating in JAR please vote....take care and good summer

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