Introduction: Captain America Shield Wall Decoration

This is an awesome Captain America Shield wall decoration that appears to have been thrown into the wall by Captain America himself! It's a great decoration for Marvel fans and it looks fantastic! I got the idea from this product. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Red, blue and white paint

- Frisbee-I used one of the smaller hotel frisbees. Also, if you have a white frisbee you won't need white paint.

- Paintbrush(es)

- Paper

- Painters tape

- Double-sided sticky tape

- Marker ( any color is fine )

- Saw ( I used a band saw )

- Hot glue

- Scissors

- Black vinyl and a Silhouette machine

Step 2: Cutting the Frisbee

Take a ruler and use it as a guide to help create a line that divides the frisbee in half. Do this to both sides, this will help when the frisbee gets cut in half.

Cut the frisbee in half along the line you just drew. I used a band saw but any saw will do. Remember to keep both halves of the frisbee, as we will use one half for scrap pieces.

Step 3: Edge Pieces

Choose one-half of the frisbee to use as the prop and the other for scrap. Use a marker and run it along the freshly cut edge of the non-scrap frisbee. Push it onto the scrap frisbee like a stamp ( the edge of your frisbee may look different than mine, that's okay ). Do this twice and cut out each with the saw.

Next glue the both pieces onto the edges of the frisbee.

Step 4: Painting

Print out a star template to help you paint, make sure it is sized a little less than half your frisbee ( don't size it like mine because it is likely I have a different sized frisbee ). Cut out the star and tape it on the frisbee.

Place tape along the edge of the inner circle and then paint blue inside. Then paint red along the blue edge and outer rim using tape as a guide.

Step 5: Vinyl

Next, cut out the Silhouette Studio files from this step using a Silhouette Machine. Be sure you cut it out on black vinyl. Then apply the decals wherever you want, I used a posterboard because I couldn't find a good wall to stick it on. Next use some double sided sticky tape and put it on the edges you glued onto the frisbee. Then place the frisbee on the vinyl. You're finished! Thanks for reading, if you have any questions let me know!

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