Introduction: Captain America-inspired Dress

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I'm doing a series of Avengers-inspired dresses for the upcoming comic cons for 2017, which my daughter and I will be traveling up and down the East Coast for; My goal being to create garments that are inspired by the heroes, but not too costume-like. I wanted a late 40's style dress with some embellishments drawn from Captain America's Stealth outfit(my favorite).

Step 1: The Pattern Pieces

These are created from a Master pattern that I have which I use as a base to create a variety of dresses.

It consists of a bodice front with a design for vertical ruching, a bodice back and sleeves, plus a skirt front and two skirt back pieces.

The fabric is a linen/rayon blend.

Step 2: Putting Together the Bodice Front

1. First I sew long stitches along the seam line of the inside front tails, and shoulder lines.

2. I then pull the stitches to create gathers.

3. I slice a line from the top of the slit continuing up through the edge of the shoulder line, I now have three pieces. The reason for this is so that I can embed grey piping as a detail. I create the piping using bias tape and small cording. I created details as the stripes and star using grey felt, and settled on their placement.

4. Felt details sewn on and bodice sides reconnected.

Step 3: Sleeves and Skirt

1. Back sewn onto front and sleeves installed. I partially sewed in the zipper for a fitting. Lining still needs to be sewn in.

2. Skinny belt is made from red leather strapping with a piece of velcro on one side, and a matching piece on the other side of the magnet.

3. Skirt created and attached to bodice, bodice lined, and zipper finished off.

4. Sleeve ruching and cuff detail added.

5. Cute pillbox hat made to finish the ensemble!

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