Introduction: Captain America's Shield Using Cardboard

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Well I am a big fan of avengers so I thought of making a prop of the movie.I searched a lot on youtube but didn't got any easy shield which I can make from cardboard.So I thought of this and shared with u all.


  1. Cardboard.
  2. Pencil,marker or pen.
  3. A4 size white paper.
  4. Scale.
  5. Glue.
  6. Tape.
  7. Glue gun(not really necessary).

Step 2: Making Triangles...

Draw a triangle on a a4 size paper with sides 28 and base 12 cm.Cut the triangle out and draw 14-15 triangle on the cardboard sheet.Cut them too and measure that if they are equal.

Step 3: Curving & Joining

Curve the triangles . You can curve as shown in the image or you can also put it on any curve surface.Join the curved triangles side to side by first using a glue gun and secondly supporting the structure using a tape.You can also use tape if you don't have a glue gun(for that you we need a helping hand).Make sure that you apply tape to both the sides in case the shield is sensitive at this stage.


Now this is the most important part because through this our shield get hard and tough.Just get some old newspapers and glue.Take glue and water in equal amounts and mix them,cut the pieces of newspapers.Now put the piece on the shield and cover it completely with the mixture.Do this to the whole shield.

Let it dry for an hour then add two holders on the back.I have used a empty tape roll for putting my hand and a handle with cardboard.Don't think about the thing in the middle,it is just a plastic cap for supporting the shield.(not necessary).


So now make three circles from big to small.Color the first circle with a blue color,second red,third white,and the last red.I have used acrylic colours as they are thinner and shiner than postal colours.


Now our shield is ready to protect us.For the final touch add a star in the center which you can cut from aluminium foil easily.Enjoy.....

Note: This is my first instructable , so plzzz forgive me if I had any mistakes.I promise you that I will improve the coming instructables .

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