Introduction: Captain America's Wakandan Shield

If you ever wanted you own Captain America infinity war prop (not perfect). Then follow the steps provided throughout. and Remember to have fun while doing it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Cardboard

2. EVA foam floor mats

3. Black Spray paint

4. Silver Acrylic paint

5. Hot glue

6. Hot glue gun

7. Razor Blade(Xacto)

8.a bent PVC pipe

Step 2: Cutting Your Shape Out

1. Measure the length of your arm to find out how long to make it (extend front end of shield about 5 inches for the front blades)

2. With the measurements taken get a piece cardboard that will fit the measurement and trace out the shape to your own taste.

3. Get a razor blade to cut out the shape of your drawn shield.

Step 3: Tracing and Cutting Your Shape Out of Foam EVA Floor Mat

1. Take your cardboard cut out of the shield onto the foam mat and trace it on

2. After tracing the shield onto the floor mar cut out the shape

Step 4: Glue Your Original Cardboard Cut and New Foam Cut Together

1. After an optional spray paint job on the cardboard back layer

2. Get a hot glue gun and some hot glue sticks and hot glue the cardboard back layer to the foam upper layer.

Step 5: Cutting Out and Gluing Details

1. Get some more of your Eva foam flooring mat to cut out the details for the shield

2. Measure out hot big you want your details to be mark up you floor mat and get a razor blade to start cutting.

3. After you get all of your details cut out and placed on the shield how you want them get a hot glue gun and glue them down.

4. If needed use the razor to gut away any extra glue

Step 6: The Arm Hold

1. Measure where you want your arm to sit on the shield while holding it.

2. Cut your bent PVC pipe so it fits flat on the bottom of the shield.

3. Cut a cardboard strip so fit and hold the shield tightly to your arm while holding the shield.

Step 7: Final Detailing

1. After all of the glue has dried

2. Get your black spray paint and give a few coats of paint until the black layer is to your liking

3. one the black paint is all dry get your silver acrylic paint to add details onto the shield to your liking (you could do more or less than I did its your choice)

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