Introduction: Metal Captain Marvel Star for $1

Hello there!

This Instructable will show you how to create a METAL Captain Marvel star out of a cookie tin (or any tin, really) with only BASIC TOOLS!

Quick build, costs one buck (from a dollar tree cookie tin, which I have had great success with!), and most importantly, it looks like the real thing! No joke! Quite durable, so it worked great on my cosplay!

Check out the end to see my full CAPTAIN MARVEL COSPLAY!

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You will need:

-a cookie tin, tea tin, domino tin, or any other tin that is gold-colored on the inside. (I can just see grandpaw now..."Hey! Where's my domino tin at? I need it!" Ask first, kids.)

-a pair of scissors you don't care too much about.

-and a sharpie.

Sounds easy, right? Well, let's get started!

Step 1: The Adventures of Tin-Tin

Any tin with a gold inside will do. The other side doesn't matter, as it will be on the back.

A cookie tin at Dollar Tree works great, as did this old tea tin I had. You could also use that blue tin of butter cookies that you got from Grandma (you know the one I'm talking about...)

Step 2: Print a Star

I found a nice picture of Captain Marvel's chest emblem (the star) on Google images that I printed out (at 200% size, for me). Just cut it out and use it as a guide for drawing your star on.

Step 3: A Star Is Born

Trace the outer edge of your star on the tin with the marker, using the ruler to make it straight.

Step 4: Cut It Out, Bro!

Using your old scissors, cut around the star (so the edges of your tin don't get in the way), and then carefully cut out the actual star shape. It doesn't require any fancy wire cutters, just plain ol' scissors get the job done!

Step 5: Bend That Thing.

Using an edge (such as a shelf or table), bend the metal in a crease-type way.

Do this for all the points, and for the valleys (the edges that are NOT points), crease them so they cave inwards.

Step 6: ...Until You Get This

Ta-Da! Observe the beauty of your star.

The next step after this is optional, but recommended, for comfort and safety.

Step 7: Trim the Points

The points will be quite sharp at this...point (bad pun), so it would be wise to trim them with scissors just a bit.

Step 8: See the Difference

See? The slightly trimmed one (on the right) still looks pointy enough, and is a lot more comfortable and safer, so you won't stab yourself with your cool prop.

Step 9: Done!

Admire your work, grasshopper. You have done well.

You could make this into a variety of different things, like wall art, a magnet, a ninja throwing star, a water dish for your pet rat, a mini gong, a fly swatter, a fun house mirror where everything is gold, fake pirate treasure, a tiny frisbee, a tanning mirror for ants, a wind chime, a signaling mirror is case you are stranded on a deserted island.....or (my favorite), use it in a cosplay. Ahh...Free Comic Book Day was a nice one, since I was Carol Danvers for the day. Yes.

Step 10: COSPLAY!

And here is my cosplay. *bows*

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and don't forget to vote for me in the FANDOM CONTEST!

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