Introduction: Captain's Converse

I was handed an old pair of shoes off my son "you can have these, they don't fit me" well for the money I had spent on them i wasn't throwing them away. They where looking abit unloved so at first i was going to paint something on them until I walked past my sewing pile and realised making an iron on patch for them might be a better option, and different. So here it is, my first instructable for iron on Captain America's sheilds for my 'new' pumps.



Material in blue, red and white

Iron on backing paper from a haberdashery or online

Image to use




P.V.A glue

Step 1: Getting Started

You need an image of the shield roughly the size of the side of your shoe. I made mind slightly larger as i wanted it to be more noticeable I suppose. I found an image online and copied it but you could print it out if you wanted too. Once you have your image you need to cut it out.

Step 2: The Begginings of a Beautiful Shield

Now you need to iron you material to make sure it doesn’t have creases in it, otherwise when you add the backing paper it will be a permanent crease. (Which I forgot but I’m not a perfectionist so left it) then take your backing paper and roughly cut it a bit larger than two shields together and iron it onto the reverse of your fabric. You should cover your ironing board with paper so the sticky doesn’t ruin it. Also try not to place the fabric over the sticky when you iron, as I did. The iron on backing paper will help strengthen it and gives your shield the part you will iron onto your shoe later on. Next draw round your shield template and cut these out.

Step 3: The Repetitive Part...

Take your shield template and cut away the outer circle so you have the smaller shield template, As pictured. Now comes the repetitive part. As before you need to iron the creases out of the white material, cut the backing slightly larger than the two shields and iron it on. Draw and cut out the shields and ta da! You have your next part. Don’t do anything with these yet just put them to one side.

Step 4: Groundhog Day...

This is the easy bit now, just repeat the last step for the next red circles, blue circles and finally the stars. Don’t forget you need two of each.

Step 5: Ironing It All Together...

This part you need to do piece by piece. Peel the paper off your backing on the white circle, centre it on the red circle and iron away. I left the iron on my white piece too long trying to take a picture for this so it’s not very white now, nor is it very circle. They will do me fine though! Repeat with each piece on both shields.

Step 6: The Part You Need Patience For...

This part was a bit tricky, I won’t lie, but it hasn’t put me off doing my next pair of shoes. I held the shield in place with a peg and as my shield is bigger than the shoe I needed to trim it down a bit so ran my nail along the bottom and back before marking it with a pen and cutting it out. The first shoe was a bit of a pain but the second shoe was easy.
Next is the ironing part. I held the shoe with my hand inside, thinking now, it would of been wiser using a towel to fill it, and ran the iron over the outside edge of the shield to make sure it was in the right place before ironing it on properly. Repeat for the second shoe.

Step 7: The Final Part...

After the shoes had cooled I thought it was probably a good idea to coat them with something to stop them from pealing off. I looked at buying fabric glue or something but settled for P.V.A. I kept my fingers crossed the whole time thinking it wouldn’t work but they turned out fine. You can’t see the glue and it made them stronger I’d say. Anyway that’s it. They are ready to wear, and show off to all your Marvel friends.

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