Introduction: Car Engine Coffee Table

I made a coffee table out of my 1MZ-FE engine from my 1999 Lexus ES300.

The engine is a V configuration which makes it unique as the pistons hold up the glass for the table top.

Step 1: Disassembly

I removed the engine from the vehicle by dropping it with the sub-frame and transmission.

Lifted the engine onto a stand for disassembly.

Step 2: Cleaning

Cleaning all the components with carb cleaner and then engine degreaser. This part took the longest.

Step 3: Chrome Paint

I used chrome paint for all the major engine exterior parts.

Step 4: Bronze Paint for Contrast

I used Red Gold metallic paint as a contrasting color for the camshafts, inside the heads, pulleys, fuel rails and connecting rods.

Step 5: Engine Assembly

I waited a day for the paint to cure before putting the engine back together.

Step 6: The Finished Table

I set a glass top across the top of the six pistons. The pistons bolt into the cam bearing holes in the head.

Depending on where its going to be used, some rubber pads or double sided tape would stop the glass from getting knocked off.

Overall this project came out looking great, especially with this color theme.