Introduction: Car Seat Lovey

My husband and I had our first baby in September 2018. She was born just a few weeks before we entered the winter season and, may I say, bundling a little baby up to go anywhere can be complicated and time-consuming. Even small baby blankets were too big to fit comfortably with her in the car seat.

After months of struggling, we finally discovered that you can MAKE a blanket fit just for a stroller/car seat and keep it in your diaper/travel bag to take anywhere! I am a novice sewer and was able to do this for less than $20 in about 2 hours.


1 yard minky fabric (back of blanket)*

1 yard plush/sew plush/minky coordinating fabric (front of blanket)*

Scissors/rotary cutter & mat



Sewing Machine or Needle

Fabric Adhesive Spray (optional)

*I would go to JOANN when their nursery fabrics are 40% off or more

Step 1: Cut & Pin

Our blanket turned out to be 18 x 21 inches. You can adjust it to any size you need and make it your own!

Side note* Some people recommend washing minky before use, I've done this but it rolled up and was really difficult to pin down so I chose to forego washing before and haven't had any issues. It's up to you!

  1. Cut one 19 x 22 inch piece of minky fabric and one 19 x 22 inch piece of the other fabric, giving you two pieces of fabric equal in size.
  2. Place them right sides in and pin* along the edges. Use adhesive spray if you'd like, I haven't used it and it wasn't too difficult as long as you pin a lot.

*I discovered these Wonder Clips and they are amazingly helpful and much more kind to your fingers!

Step 2: Sew & Flip!

Sew along the border of the two pieces of fabric, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance

  1. Begin 1/3 of the way along one of the longer sides of your blanket and sew all the way around the edges, leaving a 3-4 inch opening at the end. Make sure to BACK STITCH when you get to the end.
  2. Use the 3-4 inch opening to reach in and pull the blanket right side out, making sure that the corners and edges are fully pushed out.
  3. Sew along the outside of the opening with a less-noticeable thread, making sure to tuck in the edges and seal the opening completely.

Step 3: Make It Your Own

Add your own adorable border! I added it about a half inch in and followed along the edges of the blanket, starting and ending in the same corner.

And there you have it! An efficient and adorable fuzzy baby blanket you can take on those cold winter outings to keep that precious baby of yours warm and cozy!

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