Introduction: Carboard Cash Register

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My sister is having a bake/sweets sale at the beach during the July 4th weekend and needed some kind of box to store her money in. Since I like making things with carboard and there was a cardboard challenge going on, I decided to maker her one. I used an old {well, it was new until I cut it up} Lowe's Large Moving Box as my cardboard source. I took a 5-dollar bill and put it on the carboard and moved it over four times to figure out what size to make the box. I don't actually know the size because I never really measured it. For the sides, I just traced the edge of the base and guessed at how tall it should be. Then I made 5 pieces that were the same (two for the sides and three for the dividers). I taped everything together and then cut little slits in each of the dividers so i could insert another piece to make coin compartments. It took me about 30 minutes to make.

Note: The first few pics are before my sister decorated it, and the last few are after she went at it with duct tape.

Thanks for looking!