Introduction: Carboard Race

Before starting to develop the car itself it is essential to talk to previous car racers and to do iterative thinking. The ideas change so fast, this is the reason why first you should know what has worked before and what hasn´t, once you´ve gathered the information you can start designing and thinking in different types of prototypes.

The thinking techniques we used through this process where: 1. Creative abrasion – the ability to enable debate and discourse. They amplify rather than hide differences of opinion. 2. Creative agility – the ability to test and refine ideas. They use experiments to learn and discover (rather than pilots which often lead to failure and blame). 3. Creative resolution – a decision making capability which copes with differences and allows for combination and selection.



9 Cardboard sheets 250 x 230 m 1 cardboard tube (11 cm internal diameter x 6 mm caliber x 1.6 long) 2 cardboard tube (6 cm internal diameter x 6 mm caliber x 1.6 long) 4 liters of wood glue SolidWorks or a CAD software Laser Cutter Software Tissue Papers


Even before staritng to create it is essential to use different techniques and let your mind flow. Allow your team o think of crazy ideas, which form where might come something good that you will previously use.

Step 2: Step 2:

Open SolidWorks files (there are attached in this post), modify the design if its need, export the files to .stl format and open them in your laser cutter software (we have used rd works because our laser cutter works with .rd files).

Step 3: Step 3:

Cut the parts of the cardboard car. We have cut 30 layers for the car seat, 22 layers for each wheel, 15 for each handle and 30 for the rectangular piece.

Align the layers of each piece, glue them and let them dry out for several minutes. Do this step with every part of the car.

Step 4: Step 4:

Start joining the chassis together (seat, handle and the rectangular piece). This is a great moment because we start being able to see in real size what we have created. By this point, we can still make some changes, we start seeing what does work and what does not.

Step 5: Step 5:

Something we learnt by talking to the teams is that the teams axis (carton tubes), broke in the middle of the racing due to high impact. Therefor, a couple of teams told us to dill the tubes with some extra cardboard. This will make the tube stronger.

Step 6: Step 6:

Put all the pieces together and Cut all the tubes so that the total length is 1 m.

For the final adjustments, add 3 small wheels on each side that prevent the wheels from falling out of the tube. This work like bumpers.

Step 7: Step 7:

Put all the pieces together. Decorate your car and race it.