Carbon Heated Socks




Introduction: Carbon Heated Socks

i decided to make these carbon heated socks because i always have cold feet. they get heated by some carbon tape you can get here:

the carbon strib gets hot by letting power through, in my case 3x AA batteries. I showed you it with a 2xAA but use 3X AA instead

the carbon is very soft - just like silk, so you will not feel any irritating things.

i haven´t got any carbon tape at the time so i just showed you my idea with some black tape instead.

Step 1: Select Socks

i chose these warm socks because i like them and they will hold the heat

Step 2: Lenght of the Carbon Tape

i decided to go with 40 cm of the 15mm strips (from ) which will give me around 35-38 degrees celsius with 3x AA batteries

Step 3: The Electricals

as you see on the photo i will add a black wire to the one end of the strip and a red wire to the other end.

you can fastend the wires with a thin layer of silver-glue or you can use normal glue but i recommend silver-glue.

i then ran the red wire through a switch and then to the battery holder.

the black wire i just ran straight to the battery holder.

NOTE: you need to use a 3XAA BATTERY HOLDER, i just showed it with a 2xAA one

Step 4: Get the Carbon on the Socks

now i just wrapped the carbon where i liked it which is at the toes.

when i wrapped the carbon around the sock, i just used glue to hold it in place.

but you can also use a needle and string.

Step 5: The Batteries

at first i just put the battery holder inside of my socks but then i got the idea to put it in my pocket instead which worked perfectly.

Step 6: Your Done:D

now your done so enjoy jour heated socks.

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    6 years ago

    I need this


    6 years ago

    I would like to see this when you actually used the real carbon tape and attached it to the socks. Glue isn't going to hold very well, especially at your feet area.

    The carbon tape really needs to be sewed on to the clothing.


    7 years ago

    This is a pretty cool idea! Or I mean . . . a hot idea ;)